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Edinburgh Instruments
FS5 Spectrofluorometer
Multiple detector ports in one integrated instrument / >6,000:1 Water Raman SNR / Three detectors as standard / Plug & Play sample modules
LP980 Spectrometer
All-in-One / Transients can be measured up to 2.55 µm / Integrated ICCD / Advanced software package
FLS980 : The New Fluorescence Spectrometer (Steady State, Lifetime, Phosphorescence)
Based on single photon counting techniques, they will surpass your expectations for technical performance, reliability and ease of use. The modular construction enables systems to be flexibly configured to meet your individual needs.
LifeSpec II : Fluorescence Spectrometer (Lifetime Only)
The LifeSpec II is a compact, fully integrated, high performance fluorescence lifetime spectrometer designed for use with
high-repetition rate pulsed femtosecond and picosecond lasers.
The Mini-tau is an ultra-compact, low cost, filter-based fluorescence lifetime spectrometer for lifetimes ranging from 25 ps to 50 μs*.
Princeton Instruments
SpectraPro HRS Spectrographs and Monochromators
Versatile, High Resolution Imaging Spectrographs and Scanning Monochromators.
IsoPlane - 320
The exclusive, state-of-the-art optical design elements utilized in Princeton Instruments’ IsoPlane imaging spectrograph means this revolutionary instrument provides a sharply focused image across the entire focal plane.
The IsoPlane 160 spectrometer brings Princeton Instruments’ award-winning IsoPlane SCT-320 performance to a new, smaller platform.
DSP Series : Double Monochromator
Double monochromators are available in both additive and subtractive models in 300-mm, 500-mm, and 750-mm configurations.
Fergie : Spectroscopy system
FERGIE is an integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, lownoise, cooled detector. FERGIE has its own specially designed ecosystem of accessories, including elegant light-coupling CUBES, laser sources, fiberoptics, and software.
eXcelon Techology
LS-785 : Lens Spectrograph
The Acton Series LS 785 provides a significant advantage in acquisition time and spatial integrity in demanding Raman imaging applications.
SP-2150, 2300, 2500 & 2750 Series : Spectrographs
The Acton Standard Series is an excellent choice for researchers who require a basic, but flexible monochromator/spectrograph to integrate in their experiment setup.
Spectroscopy Accessories : Single-Channel Detectors
PMTs (Side Windows), Integrated Photon Counting Assembly, Silicon Detectors and Solid-State Infrared Detectors.
Softwares : Spectrometer Controls & Data Acquisition Systems
Princeton Instruments cameras and spectrographs are ready to cater to the beginner or to the advanced users requiring complete customization of the interface.
Spectroscopy Accessories : Fiberoptic Bundles and Adaptors
PI offers several different fiberoptic bundles designed specifically for use with Acton Series or SpectraPro monochromators and spectrographs.
Spectroscopy Accessories : Filter Wheels
Motorized Six-Position Filter Wheel Assemblies.
TRIVista Series : Triple Spectrograph
TriVista is a triple spectrometer that can operate in either additive mode for high resolution experiments or in subtractive mode for extreme stray light rejection.
SureBlock™ XLF Series THz-Raman Filter System
BLUE-Wave Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer
Miniature spectrometers are fiber optically coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for measurements in 200-1150nm wavelength ranges
BLACK-Comet, Concave Grating Spectrometer
Super Range" concave grating spectrometer for UV-VIS-NIR range from 200-1080nm or 220-1100nm
RED-Wave-NIRX-SR InGaAs Miniature NIR Spectrometer
High performance InGaAs extended range spectrometers cover the NIR wavelength range from 0.9-2.3μm in one unit
SILVER-Nova Super Range TE Cooled Spectrometer
ruggedized metal enclosure with a fiber optic input for demanding applications in the 190-1110nm wavelength range that require high resolution and optimal sensitivity over a wide spectral range .
RGB Lasersystem
• Spectral resolution: 0.5 nm (full VIS range)
• High sensitivity and dynamic range
• Exceptional thermal stability
• Spectral resolution from 0.6 nm
• Miniature size
• High sensitivity and thermal stability