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Edinburgh Instruments
FS5 Spectrofluorometer
Multiple detector ports in one integrated instrument / >6,000:1 Water Raman SNR / Three detectors as standard / Plug & Play sample modules
LP980 Spectrometer
All-in-One / Transients can be measured up to 2.55 µm / Integrated ICCD / Advanced software package
FLS980 : The New Fluorescence Spectrometer (Steady State, Lifetime, Phosphorescence)
Based on single photon counting techniques, they will surpass your expectations for technical performance, reliability and ease of use. The modular construction enables systems to be flexibly configured to meet your individual needs.
LifeSpec II : Fluorescence Spectrometer (Lifetime Only)
The LifeSpec II is a compact, fully integrated, high performance fluorescence lifetime spectrometer designed for use with
high-repetition rate pulsed femtosecond and picosecond lasers.
The Mini-tau is an ultra-compact, low cost, filter-based fluorescence lifetime spectrometer for lifetimes ranging from 25 ps to 50 μs*.