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FS5 Spectrofluorometer
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FS5 Spectrofluorometer


Modular design – enables flexibility, customisation for measurement needs and ease of future upgrades
Unrivalled spectral coverage from the deep UV to the mid‐IR range up to 5500 nm – allows the widest possible range of samples to be measured
Highest Sensitivity (>25,000:1) – Industry leading sensitivity, allows detection of very weak fluorescence signals
High performance triple grating monochromators with integrated filter wheels – high stray-light rejection allows more accurate results for highly scattering or weakly emitting samples


The FS5 is designed to meet the highest measurement specifications in the research and analytical markets. To achieve optimal sensitivity, resolution, and acquisition speed, we select only the optimal performance photomultipliers in temperature stabilised housings, and utilise an optical design that includes plane, spherical, toroidal, ellipsoidal mirrors and optimised mirror coatings; the FS5 is truly unrivalled in its spectral performance and sensitivity.

Not only does this superior design guarantee the highest sensitivity and broadest wavelength coverage, but it has also been optimised for a small bright focus at the sample position. This is important for measuring small sample volumes and benefits many sample holder attachments like a plate reader, fibre launch optics mounting, titrators and sample positioners.

The standard FS5 has a number of upgrade routes that are unique in its class, including spectral range extension up to 1650 nm, Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Lifetime measurement capabilities, polarisation / anisotropy and much more. Please see the upgrades tab for more information.


LP980 Base Configuration Specification
Monochromator Czerny-Turner with triple grating turret, 300 mm focal length, 5.0 µm to 10 mm computer-controlled (continuously adjustable) motorised slits
Laser Excitation Source Flashlamp pumped Q-switched Nd:Yag laser operating at 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm. OPO, tuneable in the range 410 nm - 710 nm (signal). Idler and UV doubler options possible
Sample Geometry Transverse sample excitation geometry included as standard
LP980-K (Kinetic Mode) - for lifetime transient decay measurements at a single wavelength  
Grating Plane ruled grating, 1800 g/mm, 500 nm blaze as standard 
Dispersion  1.8 nm/mm 
Spectral Range  200 nm - 870 nm 
Spectral Resolution  0.1 nm 
Sensitivity  ΔOD 0.002 (single shot - fast detector option, PMT), ΔOD 0.0005 (single shot - slow detector option, ICCD) 
Detector Type  Photomulitplier (PMT) with 5 stage dynode chain for high current linearity 
Detector Impedance 50 Ω (amplified - fast detector, <3 ns rise time), 1 kΩ (slow detector, <100 µs rise time) 
LP980-KS (Kinetic & Spectral Mode) - for lifetime transient decay measurements AND spectral measurements of the decay process)  
Grating Kinetic mode grating plus an additional plane ruled grating: 150 g/mm, 500 nm blaze supplied 
Dispersion  540 nm (active horizontal ICCD dimension: 25 mm)
Spectral Resolution 0.56 nm (spectral coverage / 960 pixels) 
Sensitivity ΔOD 0.0005 single shot 
Detectors Kinetic mode PMT plus an additional image intesified CCD camera (ICCD) supplied 
Min. Optical Gate Width 7 ns (FWHM) 
Active Pixels 960 x 256
Active Area  25 mm x 6.7 mm 
Cooling -20°C as standard (-35°C with additional water circulation) 
LP980 Upgrade Options  
Gratings A variety of gratings with 150 g/mm - 2400 g/mm, optimised from UV through to NIR
Sample Holders Cross-beam geometry, diffuse reflectance, LIBS, Raman (excited-state and ground state) accessory
Detectors InGaAs detectors (900 nm - 2550 nm) for NIR range are available