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Princeton Instruments
SpectraPro HRS Spectrographs and Monochromators
Versatile, High Resolution Imaging Spectrographs and Scanning Monochromators.
IsoPlane - 320
The exclusive, state-of-the-art optical design elements utilized in Princeton Instruments’ IsoPlane imaging spectrograph means this revolutionary instrument provides a sharply focused image across the entire focal plane.
The IsoPlane 160 spectrometer brings Princeton Instruments’ award-winning IsoPlane SCT-320 performance to a new, smaller platform.
DSP Series : Double Monochromator
Double monochromators are available in both additive and subtractive models in 300-mm, 500-mm, and 750-mm configurations.
Fergie : Spectroscopy system
FERGIE is an integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, lownoise, cooled detector. FERGIE has its own specially designed ecosystem of accessories, including elegant light-coupling CUBES, laser sources, fiberoptics, and software.
eXcelon Techology
LS-785 : Lens Spectrograph
The Acton Series LS 785 provides a significant advantage in acquisition time and spatial integrity in demanding Raman imaging applications.
SP-2150, 2300, 2500 & 2750 Series : Spectrographs
The Acton Standard Series is an excellent choice for researchers who require a basic, but flexible monochromator/spectrograph to integrate in their experiment setup.
Spectroscopy Accessories : Single-Channel Detectors
PMTs (Side Windows), Integrated Photon Counting Assembly, Silicon Detectors and Solid-State Infrared Detectors.
Softwares : Spectrometer Controls & Data Acquisition Systems
Princeton Instruments cameras and spectrographs are ready to cater to the beginner or to the advanced users requiring complete customization of the interface.
Spectroscopy Accessories : Fiberoptic Bundles and Adaptors
PI offers several different fiberoptic bundles designed specifically for use with Acton Series or SpectraPro monochromators and spectrographs.
Spectroscopy Accessories : Filter Wheels
Motorized Six-Position Filter Wheel Assemblies.
TRIVista Series : Triple Spectrograph
TriVista is a triple spectrometer that can operate in either additive mode for high resolution experiments or in subtractive mode for extreme stray light rejection.