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SP-2150, 2300, 2500 & 2750 Series : Spectrographs
Country : 미국
Model : SP2150

- Focal Length : 150 mm

- Aperture Ratio : f/4.0

- PMT Resolution* : 0.4 nm

- CCD Resolution** : 0.4 nm

- Linear Dispersion* : 4.17 nm/mm

Model : SP2300

- Focal Length : 300 mm

- Aperture Ratio : f/3.9

- PMT Resolution* : 0.1 nm

- CCD Resolution** : 0.14 nm

- Linear Dispersion* : 2.38 nm/mm

Model : SP2500

- Focal Length : 500 mm

- Aperture Ratio : f/6.5

- PMT Resolution* : 0.05 nm

- CCD Resolution** : 0.09 nm

- Linear Dispersion* : 1.52 nm/mm

Model : SP2750

- Focal Length : 750 mm

- Aperture Ratio : f/9.7

- PMT Resolution* : 0.03 nm

- CCD Resolution** : 0.06 nm

- Linear Dispersion* : 1.03 nm/mm

*with 1200 g/mm grating @ 435.8 nm and 10 micron slit width and 4 mm slit height

** with 1200g/mm grating @ 435.8nm, 20micron pixel, 20micron slit width

Acton Standard Series Monochromators and Spectrographs


The Acton Standard Series of monochromators and spectrographs has long been known as the industry standard for delivering the highest quality data for research labs worldwide.


The Acton Standard Series is an excellent choice for researchers who require a basic, but flexible monochromator/spectrograph to integrate in their experiment setup. Features include manual micrometer adjustable slits as well as a three-position grating turret to provide a rugged, reliable and high-performance instrument suited for a variety of demanding applications such as Raman, fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy. Complimenting these spectrometers is a complete line of accessories that optimize the instrument's performance and provide for easy setup of the instrument. The Acton Series is available in four focal lengths: 150mm,300mm,500mm and 750mm.


Product Benefits


  • Manual micrometer adjustable slits for precision control of incoming light
  • Choice of more than 100 gratings for the best spectral range, throughput and dispersion
  • Image corrected optics provide superior imaging quality for multi-track applications
  • Stepping motor scanning system with microprocessor control provides superior precision and repeatability of wavelength positioning
  • Optional internal shutter or six-position filter wheel for experiments requiring background removal or signal attenuation
  • Installation and set-up couldn't be simpler with USB and RS 232 computer interfaces
  • Stand-alone Acton Series monochromator control software for basic scanning and calibration. Also includes utilities for grating updates and communications
  • LabView, Visual Basic, C and Delphi drivers allow users to design their own acquisition programs
  • Software: Choose LightField 64-bit revolutionary data acquisition software or 32-bit Winspec data acquisition software to provide a simple user interface for easy data acquisition and experimental set-up




Acton Series 500mm spectrometer