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SureBlock™ XLF Series THz-Raman Filter System
공급처 : Ondax Incorporated
Country : 미국
- Fast collection of ultra-low-frequency / THz-Raman spectra
- High Optical Density ( > OD8) with extremely
high throughput
- Ultra-compact footprint, plug-and-playoperation,
configurable sample & output ports
- Compatible with most commercial spectrometers,
microscopes and Raman systems
- Available at 488nm, 514nm, 532nm, 633nm and 785nm.
Custom wavelengths by request


Confocal design, integrated ASE filtering, compatible with Ondax SureLock™ lasers and commercial DPSS and gas lasers



Turn-key confocal platform with integrated laser module
Configurable sample port options Collimated beam, Cuvette holder or integrated microscope adapter


• Polymorphic structure identification
• Structural studies of nano- and bio-materials
• Trace detection of explosives/hazmat/drugs
• Forensics studies
• Geological specimen analysis and gemology




Ondax’s patented1 SureBlock™ XLF Series THz-Raman™ Systems enable fast, clear capture of Raman spectra in the Ultra-Low-Frequency/THz regime (10 cm-1 to 200 cm-1, or 300 GHz to 6 THz), using only a standard single-stage spectrometer. THz-Raman is powerful new technique for molecular structure analysis that is both simple and compact when compared to multi-stage or THz spectrometers, and represents a dramatic shift in the economics, efficiency, and ease of use of Raman spectroscopy.

The unique ultra-narrow band design of our patented2 SureBlock™ Notch Filters also delivers exceptionally high throughput of both Stokes and anti-Stokes shifts up to >5000cm-1 (>150 THz). This allows observation of lowfrequency vibrational/phonon modes, differentiation of polymorphs and other structural characteristics of pharmaceuticals, nano- and bio-materials, trace detection of explosives, and characterization of petroleum products, heavy
metals, and geological samples.

The XLF Series platforms are ultra-compact and include configurations to match any requirement. The base XLF model is an integrated, pre-aligned, light-tight, double-notch system with selectable fiber- or free-space input and outputs, adaptable for use with any single-stage spectrometer. The XLF-C is a confocal design, which includes ASE reduction, configurable sample and output ports, and plug-and-play compatibility with our SureLock™ single frequency
laser modules (as well as single-frequency DPSS, Argon ion, or HeNe laser sources). The XLF-CLM is a fully integrated confocal Raman spectroscopy front-end, which includes a 785nm or 532nm single-frequency laser source module, with optional cuvette holder or microscope objective, or can be directly ntegrated with existing Raman workstations and micro-Raman systems. Complete turnkey systems, including fully configured spectrometers, are also available.

All XLF systems provide > OD 8 Rayleigh suppression, and are engineered for fast, flexible integration with a wide variety of existing commercial spectrometers microscopes, and Raman systems. Available at standard Raman wavelengths including: 488nm, 514nm, 532nm, 633nm, and 785nm, these compact, robust plug-and-play systems deliver incredible speed, resolution and ease of use.