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BLACK-Comet, Concave Grating Spectrometer
공급처 : StellarNet, Inc.
Country : USA

BLACK-Comet Models
Super Range 200-1100nm
StellarNet has developed a "Super Range" concave grating spectrometer for UV-VIS-NIR range from 200-1080nm or 220-1100nm. The concave holographic grating is aberration corrected and has no mirrors to minimize stray light with superb imaging projecting a flat field on the detector. Additionally, the grating has a dual blaze to provide high efficiency in both the UV and NIR wavelengths. The optics can be fitted with choice of detectors with 2k/3k element CCD or PDAs. StellarNets' miniature fiber optic spectrometers with concave gratings deliver high performance. The instruments are exceptionally robust with no moving parts, and are packaged in small rugged metal enclosures (2.75 x4 x6 inch) for portable spectroradiometry and lab or process spectroscopy measurements. The Dual Blazed Concave Grating significantly improves spectral shapes by reducing comma and astigmatism found in plane grating spectrograph designs. The flat field spectrograph architecture does not utilize mirrors, and therefore provides the lowest possible stray light in the UV with additional assistance from the holographic line gratings.

Solar Irradiance Monitoring
BLACK-Comet-SR in DSR-CSR-512

system measuring solar irradiance. The dual blaze concave grating allows for superb spectral imaging from 220-1100nm.


SpectroRadiometer Systems
Spectral Display of a BLACK-Comet-SR with calibrated radiometer system measuring a Tungsten Halogen lamp. A Radiometer system consists of configured spectrometer, fiber optic cable, and light collecting accessory such as a cosine receptor or integrating sphere. The complete system must be spectroradiometrically calibrated by StellarNet to NIST standards before proper absolute intensity results are obtained.

BLACK-Comet-SR Sensitivity
Spectral sensitivity is one of the most important factors in choosing the proper miniature spectrometer. The concave grating optical design allows for high sensitivity in the UV and far NIR as seen above looking at deuterium, tungsten halogen, and Mercury Argon simultaneously.

The system includes a high speed plug & play interface using USB-2 connection.


Concave Grating PDF-
Why Concave Gratings are the Best!!!

A multi-band filter is integrated into the spectrograph to provide order sorting and prevent optical aliasing. The instruments optical input is attached via standard SMA-905 connector, using single strand fiber optic cable with typical silica core diameters of 400um, 600um, 1000um. The spectrometers interface to notebook and desktop computers via high speed USB-2 and parallel ports. The SpectraWiz software accurately measures wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations and absolute concentrations.



Optical Metrology
BLACK-Comet-SR measuring the transmission and reflectance of some thin film coatings. StellarNet complete systems also include a light source, transmission fixture/sample holder, and fiber optic cables.

Reflectance and Colorimetry
BLACK-Comet-SR measuring the reflectance of red ground habanero peppers from 220-100nm. StellarNet colorimetry systems include a configured spectrometer, light source, reflectance fixture or probe and other sampling accessories.

Optional Configurations
Several units may be daisy chained via a parallel cable or USB-2 hub allowing simple configurations for dual and multi-beam process applications.

Free SpectraWiz Software
The powerful SpectraWiz® 32 bit spectrometer software is provided free of charge with every spectrometer instrument. This includes drivers and customizable software for operation on Win95 / Win98 / WinNT / WinME / Win2000 /WinXP. The SpectraWiz software is considered the "Swiss Army Knife of Spectroscopy and may be used to accurately measure wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations, and absolute intensities. In addition to real-time spectroscopy, SpectraWiz® has built-in applications for SpectroRadiometry, SpectroColorimetry, ChemWiz chemistry lab concentration analyzer, and UV level monitors.



BLACK-Comet Model

Wavelength Range (nm)

g / mm

nm res.

nm res.

nm res.

nm res.

nm res.


















Dynamic Range:

2000:1 with 6 decades


69 x 100 x 150 mm

Optical Resolution:

see above

Power Consumption:

100 mA @ 5 VDC

Detector Type:

2048 pixel CCD, PDA opt.



Detector Range:

200-1080 nm or 220-1100 nm

Data Transfer Speed:

3x / 40x faster than USB-1

Pixel Size:

14 um x 200 um

Detector Integration:

1 ms to 65 s

Concave Grating:

Aberration corrected

Slit Size Options:

14, 25, 50, 100, 200 um