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SILVER-Nova Super Range TE Cooled Spectrometer
공급처 : StellarNet, Inc.
Country : USA

SILVER-Nova Spectrometers
Range 190-1110nm
StellarNet has released a new high performance spectrometer named the SILVER-Nova. It has a ruggedized metal enclosure with a fiber optic input for demanding applications in the 190-1110nm wavelength range that require high resolution and optimal sensitivity over a wide spectral range .

The SILVER-Nova is the most well rounded spectrometer choice allowing research grade results for numerous spectroscopic applications. The spectrograph employs composite grating technology to deliver high efficiency in both the UV & NIR spectral extremes. The UV enhanced CCD detector with integrated TE cooler, gain enhancements, and optical lens assemblies allow for unparalleled sensitivity, with over 65% increased signal to noise at long exposures. Advancements in SILVER-Nova optical design deliver 1nm resolution with a 25um slit. Additionally, the metal enclosure is ruggedized and compact to allow for portable, process, or laboratory environments.


SILVER-Nova Wide Spectral Range
Comparison of SL5 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Bulb with SILVER-Nova, BLACK-Comet-CXR-SR and BLUE-Wave-UVNb spectrometers showing SILVER-Nova wide wavelength range >200-1100nm.

System Configurations
StellarNet spectrometers can be configured for a complete spectrum of applications such as SpectroRadiometry (measurements of LEDs, solar, lasers, displays, plasma, etc.), SpectroChemistry (absorbance, reflectance, & low light fluorescence), Optical Metrology, Raman, and much more!

Free SpectraWiz Software
The powerful SpectraWiz® 32/64 bit spectrometer software is provided free of charge with every spectrometer instrument. This includes drivers and customizable software for operation on any Windows platform. The SpectraWiz software is considered the "Swiss Army Knife of Spectroscopy and may be used to accurately measure wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations, and absolute intensities. In addition to real-time spectroscopy, SpectraWiz® has built-in applications for SpectroRadiometry, SpectroColorimetry, ChemWiz chemistry lab concentration analyzer, and UV level monitors.


The portable spectrometer is packaged in a small rugged metal enclosure for use with single strand fiber optic input cable. The electronics interface can be attached directly to a computers high speed USB-2. The units are vibration tolerant and are exceptionally robust with no internal adjustments or moving parts.

SILVER-Nova TE Cooled Detector
Thermoelectric cooling on the SILVER-Nova reduces the dark scan noise at large exposures. This allows for improved S/N for many low light applications such as reflectance or fluoresence.

Optional Configurations
Several units may be daisy chained via USB-2 hub allowing simple configurations for dual and multi-beam process applications.

The system includes a high speed plug & play interface using USB-2 connection.





Dynamic Range:

2000:1 with 6 decades


6 x 17 x 20.75 cm

Optical Resolution:

1nm with 25um slit

TEC Power:

5 VDC@1A adapter included

Detector Type:

2048 pixel CCD/ TE cooled

Interface Power:

USB-2 = 100ma@5VDC

Detector Range:


Data Transfer Speed:


Pixel Size: 14 x 200 um Detector Integration: 1ms to 65s
eXtreme Gratings: Dual Blaze @250 +1000nm Slit size options: 14, 25, 50, 100, 200 um
Grating type:: Holographic 600 line Stray Light: <0.1% at 435 nm; <0.15% at 200 nm
Spectrograph: f/4, HR-Czerny-Turner Fiber Optic Input:: SMA905 0.22 na single fiber
Order Sorting Filter: Integrated & High Pass Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/ Win 8
Signal to Noise: 1000:1 CCD Software Included: SpectraWiz program & apps
Digitizer: 16-bit Also Free Programs For: LabView / VC / VBA / Delphi



Wavelength Range(nm)

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