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Qmini Spectrometers

The new Qmini pushes the limits of miniaturization further: Within an amazingly small design, it delivers technical specifications that are unprecedented at this size. Its compact design enables tight integration in applications where space is limited, like hand-held analysis devices.

In combination with our small light and laser systems Qmini is the perfect choice for any application where highest integration is needed.

Combined with our unique spectroscopy software "Waves" or even implemented in your own hardware design with our software integration kit, it's an ideal spectroscopic instrument for all scientific and industrial applications that require a resolution of smaller than 0.8 nm.




Key Features


• Spectral resolution from 0.6 nm
• High sensitivity and dynamic range
• WIDE versions available
• Includes world's smartest spectroscopy software





• Light analysis
• Chemical research
• Raman spectroscopy
• Forensic analysis
• System integration
• Process control and monitoring




Product Accessories


• Custom entrance slit (determines resolution vs. sensitivity)
• Custom optical connectors
• Sample holder