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Ultra fast Streak Camera
The only commercial x-ray streak camera that can streak 450 spatial resolution points (18 mm slit) with a time resolution of 700 fs (measured at FWHM)


Fully integrated instrument for ultrafast high-resolution time-resolved spectroscopy from the x-rays to the infrared. They can be built in vacuum-compatible airboxes for use with the Ten Inch Manipulator (TIM) diagnostic insertion system found in large-scale laser facilities.

- Standalone instruments including an internal PC
- 450 spatial resolution units along the slit
- Averaging rate: single shot to 5 kHz
- High sensitivity fiber-optic coupled readout
- Remote-controlled over Ethernet (Web, OPC, TANGO, etc.)


AXIS-PX in airbox format for use with the Ten inch Manipulator(TIM) diagnostic insertion system.


AXIS-PX in airbox in use at Orion Laser Facility (UK).

AXIS-PX: Subpicosecond X-Ray Streak Camera

AXIS-PX is the only commercial x-ray streak camera that can streak 450 spatial resolution points(18mm slit) with a time resolution of 700 fs(measured at FWHM).


Stand-alone system with:
- High-end PHOTONIS bilamellar streak tube
- Interchangeable photocathodes
- -35°C cooled 16-bit CCD coupled by fiber optics
- EMI-rugged electronics
- Internal computer with remote control
- Full calibration on a fs laser


- Laser-generated plasma sources
- Z-pinch Plasmas
- Synchrotron Science
- High Energy Physics
- X-ray Lasers
- X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFEL)

AXIS-PX Specifications


PHOTONIS bilamellar family: These open tubes use bilamellar optics to provide a subpicosecond temporal resolution whilst maintaining excellent spatial resolution.




Photocathode is interchangeable. The user chooses the cathode material to match his experiment.


 X cathodes streak camera


Available Ranges (T):   200 ps to 1 ms

Number of time-resolution units in screen (Nt):  675

Single-shot Time Resolution:
                               For ranges > 700 ps: range/675
                               For ranges < 700 ps: 700 fs


px xres streak camera


Standard Single-Shot Sweep Units


Optional Laser-Triggered Sweep Unit



Trigger pulse
Maximum repetition rate



5-10 V in 50Ω, 50-200 ns duration
100 Hz

< 15 ps RMS


Femtosecond laser
100 μJ @ 800 nm
5 kHz

~ 1/2 ps (depending on the properties of the laser)



Readout type: -30 °C Thermo-Electrically-Cooled Digital camera
CCD chip size: 2048 x 2048 pixels; 27 mm x 27 mm
Digitizer: 16 bits
Coupling to streak tube: 1:1 Fiber optic taper
Cooling: 15-20 °C cooling water is required for the CCD camera




Normal sweep
The sweep crosses the whole screen and ends outside.







Timing mode
The sweep always remains in the screen. It is used to synchronize the streak camera to the experiment.







Focus mode
The slit image is positioned at the center of the screen. The sweep trigger is disabled. This mode is used to align the experimental setup and to adjust the incident light level.


Operation Pressure:  < 1×10-5 torr at the cathode

Vacuum flange:  ISO-200 for re-entrant camera,

                      ISO-160 for High-End camera
                      or custom flanges

Storage chamber:  Each x-ray streak camera comes with a small vacuum chamber equipped with a UV window for calibration or storage.



AXIS-PX is an autonomous system that is operated locally by connecting a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

It comes with an internal computer that controls the streak tube supplies, the sweep circuits, monitors voltage stability, performs different self tests and safety checks. It can also control other optional peripherals via the USB port.

All required software comes pre-installed on the system. It is used to:

- Control whole system and acquire images
- Control the laser system (optional)
- Plot lineouts along time axis or space axis
- save image in different formats

Remote control over Gigabit Ethernet :

- “Windows Remote Desktop”
- Web base GUI
- High level device servers (TANGO, OPC, etc…) are available.



 axis px streak camera






Open-Front end with custom flange


Airbox for use with the Ten Inch Manipulator (TIM) diagnostic insertion system at Orion Laser Facility (UK).


AXIS-PXE in airbox in use at ELI-Beamlines (CZ).

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