Raman, PL, Fluorescence System
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공급사 : Princeton Instruments

High-Throughput f/2.0, NIR Raman System.
Blaze camera와 LS-785를 장착하여 NIR영역에서 최고의 S/N ratio를 구현함

Low Cost Raman Spectrometer system
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.
  • Raman Spectrometer System  532, 785, 1064nm
  • Custom option  405, 633, 637, 648, 830nm
  • Compact and Research Grade Raman System

PhotoLuminescence system
공급사 : Princeton Instruments

Compact & Modular Spectroradiometer
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

Spectro-Radiometer, Fluorometer, Haze measurement, SpectroChemistry & Raman system

  • LED measurement.  Display measurement.  
  • Laser power & Wavelength.
  • Solar Spectral analysis.  Handheld Radiometer.
  • NIST Traceable calibrations & Light sources

Color Measurement System
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

CIELAB Color Analysis and full spectrum SpectroColorimetry

SpectroChemistry System
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

UV-VIS & NIR Chemical Absorbance Systems

Teaching Labs, Research, Process Control 최적

Spectro-Fluorescence system
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

Research grade Fluorescence Systems for a wide range of applications r...

Film Thickness Analysis system
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

Thin Film Measurement Systems for Single and Multilayer Film Structures

다양한 종류의 Spectrometer system set-up
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

Haze Measurement system
공급사 : StellarNet, Inc.

compact fiber optic spectrometer, light source with integrated optical...

High Throughput Raman system from UV(248nm) to NIR
공급사 : WasatchPhotonics

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