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Time Tagger
Swabian Instruments
Streaming time-to-digital converters
독보적인 데이터 프로세싱 기술이 적용되었으며, 특히 TCSPC 에 적합.


Time Tagger Series

Streaming time-to-digital converters

Swabian Instruments' Time Taggers are streaming time-to-digital converters with a unique data processing architecture that makes them the preferred choice for Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), time-interval counting, coincidence counting, and digital protocol analysis.

down to
4 ps
RMS jitter
up to
70 M tags/s
data rate
4 to 144
input channels
The New Standard in time-correlated single-photon counting

Swabian Instruments' Time Taggers are used in a large range of disciplines, including quantum technology, single molecule microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering, laser ranging, particle physics, and precision time protocol (PTP) testing. Browse the Time Tagger Series' documentation and application notes to find out how a Time Tagger can solve your measurement challenges.

Implement your ideas within minutes

What makes our Time Taggers unique is their powerful software engine that offers extensive data processing capabilities. Correlations, single- and multi-dimensional histograms, multi-order coincidence rates - it's all right there and it all runs live! You will implement your demanding research ideas within minutes - promised.

Maximum flexibility

The Time Tagger Series enables you to run measurements independently using any combinations of your input channels. You can even use a single Time Tagger to take data simultaneously from independent physical setups. Or you can run multiple measurements on the same channels at the same time.

High timing resolution

The low instrument jitter down to 4 ps RMS (9 ps FWHM) combined with best-in-class dead time down to 2.1 ns makes sure that you achieve highest timing resolutions in your application.

High data rate

The high streaming bandwidth of up to 70 M tags / s enables you to minimize your measurement time. The best: the Time Tagger will maintain its full on-the-fly processing capabilities at this high bandwidth.

Versatile on-board event filter

A unique on-board event filter enables you to increase the effective time tag rate way beyond the streaming bandwidth by filtering out unneeded time tags right on the hardware.

Native software libraries

Run your measurements in your preferred programming language with our free native software libraries and examples, covering Python, C++, C#, LabVIEW, Matlab, and Mathematica.

Time Tagger 20

Medium Count Rates
34 ps
RMS jitter
8.5 M tags/s
transfer rate
input channels

Time Tagger Ultra

High Count Rates
Performance Edition
9 ps
RMS jitter
Value Edition
42 ps
RMS Jitter
70 M tags/s
transfer rate
input channels
+ more input channels
up to
input channels on one
Time Tagger Ultra
+ high-resolution option
4 / 5 / 7 ps
RMS jitter, with
2 / 4 / 8
input channels
+ large-scale systems
up to
input channels in one system
with a Synchronizer


Timing PrecisionTime Tagger 20Time Tagger Ultra
RMS jitter34 ps9 ps (Performance Edition)
42 ps (Value Edition)
4 / 5 / 7 ps (High-Resolution Option)
FWHM jitter80 ps22 ps (Performance Edition)
100 ps (Value Edition)
9 / 12 / 16 ps (High-Resolution Option)
digital resolution1 ps1 ps
Processing Capabilities
input channels84 to 18
dead time6 ns2.1 ns
data transfer rate8.5 M tags/s70 M tags/s
burst memory8 M tags512 M tags
maximum input frequency167 MHz475 MHz
Input Signals
input impedance50 Ω50 Ω
input signal range0 to 3 V-3 to 3 V
maximum input level (no damage)-0.3 to 5 V-5 to 5 V
trigger level range0 to 2.5 V-2.5 to 2.5 V
minimum pulse width1000 ps500 ps
minimum pulse height100 mV100 mV
External Clock Input
frequency-10 MHz or 500 MHz
coupling-AC, 50 Ω
amplitude-1 to 3 Vpp
General Parameters
data interfaceUSB 2.0USB 3.0
size (L x W x H) in mm145 x 100 x 50190 x 140 x 60

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