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Lumencor LIDA light engine - white light
Discrete, camera synchronized RGB illumination
High-Speed Color Transmitted Light Microscopy with Monochrome Cameras
- 3 solid-state sources: Red (610–650 nm), Green (510–600 nm), Blue (420–480 nm)
- Light Delivery : Direct mount to transmitted light port of major brand microscopes
- Speed : Maximum 1 kHz RGB channel switching or all channels (white) on/of
직접 광원의 강도를 제어. 이미지 후처리 없이 균형 잡힌 색상 전달 가능.
Lumencor PEKA light engine - white light
White Light Illuminator for Transmitted Light Microscopy
Turnkey replacement for tungsten-halogen light sources
- Sources : 3 solid-state sources operating simultaneously to produce white light
- Output Spectrum : 400–650 nm
- CCT : 5900 to 6300 for all gray levels
- Light Delivery : Direct mount to transmitted light illumination port of all major microscope models
예열 시간 없이 스위치 한 번으로 매우 안정적인 광 출력 생성.
Lumencor MIRA light engine - Color Selective
4-color solid state illumination source designed for routine, clinical fluorescence microscopy applications
- Sources : 4 solid-state sources: Violet (V), Cyan (C), Green (G), and Red (R). White light output via simultaneous V,G,C,R output
- Light Delivery : Direct mount to epifluorescence illumination port of major brand microscopes
Lumencor SOLA Light engine - white light
The market leaders in modern solid-state illumination for microscopy and other life science applications.
- white light output for excitation of DAPI, GFP/FITC, YFP, Cy3, mCherry, Cy5 and spectrally similar fluorophores.
- SOLA FISH Light Engine, output in the 475–600 nm region is red-shifted to provide optimal excitation for SpectrumGreen™, SpectrumRed™ and other fluorophores commonly used for fluorescence in situ* hybridization (FISH) analysis in cytogenetic testing laboratories.
Lumencor SPECTRA X Light engine - Color Selective
High performance, stable, robust lighting with easy operation
Bright, 7-channel, 6 solid-state light sources for epi-fluorescence imaging.
- Bandpass filters : 7 user exchangeable filters mounted in paddles
- Light delivery : liquid light guide, optical fiber, microscope collimator
Lumencor CELESTA Light engine - laser
Integrated Array of Solid-State Lasers
- Sources : Class 4 lasers
- Wavelengths : CELESTA: 405, 446, 477, 520, 546, 638, 749 nm; CELESTA quattro: 405, 477, 546, 638 ± 2 nm
- Output Power : ~1000 milliwatts per laser at the distal end of a 1.5 mm diameter optical fiber
- Light Delivery : SMA terminated fiber
- 용도 및 응용 : Confocal, MERFISH, Super-Resolution, Optogenetics, FRAP, DNA-PAINT
Lumencor RETRA FURA Light engine - Color Selective
RETRA 조명 엔진은 생체 분석 연구자 및 / 또는 생체 광학 기기 개발자가 실험실에서 사용하도록 설계되었습니다. 스펙트럼 출력은 응용 분야별 요구 사항에 따라 자외선에서 가시 광선에서 근적외선까지 위치 할 수 있습니다. 예를 들어, RETRA FURA 광 엔진은 fura-2 비율 칼슘 이미징을 위해 340nm 및 380nm 출력을 제공합니다.
Calcium Ratio Imaging
"Bringing Innovation to Light"
Using mercury-free lighting, Lumencor light engines provide smarter alternatives to any lamp
Lumencor AURA Light Engine - Color Selective
SuperBright Solid-State Light Sources + Advanced Electronic
- Sources : Up to 5 independently selectable solid-state light source
- Filters : Integrally Installed bandpass filters for spectral output refinement
- Output Power : 200 - 500 mW per source channel (dependent on filter bandpass and light guide diameter)[3,4]
- Light :Delivery Liquid light guide (LLG) or optical fiber

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