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IsoPlane series Spectrograph
Zero-Astigmatism, Aberration-free design, 전세계에서 유일한 신 개념의 Spectrograph.

- Patented, astigmatism-free design
- Outstanding imaging performance
- Superior signal to noise ratio
- High throughput
- Improved spectral & spatial resolution and peak intensity
- Multichannel and hyperspectral spectroscopy
- Resolve hundreds of fibers with no crosstalk
IsoPlane81 Spectrograph
Teledyne Princeton Instruments IsoPlane81.
- compact imaging spectrograph
- Pre-Calibrated Accessories
- Buil-in Kinetics Spectroscopy Mode
- Perfect for multichannel and hyperspectral imaging
- Raman, fluorescence, and absorption
- Superior signal to noise ratio and dynamic range
HRS-300, 500, 750 series
가장 보편적이고, 대표적인 Imaging Spectrograph로 각종 research application에 적합한 model.

- Astigmatism-corrected optical system
- Interchangeable triple grating turrets
- Optimised for multi-detector operation
- Exclusive high performance optical coating
- 60% improvement in spectral resolution and SNR
- Wavelength & Intensity calibration with IntelliCAL
LS-785 NIR Specrtrograph
Teledyne Princeton Instruments 제품
- 785nm, 830nm Raman application에 특화된 spectrograph
- High throuput, lens based spectrograph
- Fast f/2.0 optical system
- 750nm ~ 1100nm, NIR spectroscopy
SP-2150 Spectrograph
Teledyne Princeton Instruments SP-2150
Focal Length 150 mm
Aperture Ratio f/4.0
CCD Resolution 0.4 nm
Linear Dispersion 4.14 nm/mm
Double Monochromator
Teledyne Princeton Instruments 제품
Trivista Triple Monochromator
Teledyne Princeton Instruments Trivista
- 2-stage or 3 stage spectrographs
- >3 picometers spectral resolution, Measure Close to the Laser Line
- 200 – 2200 mm operation
- Multiple entrance and exit slits
- Flexible for use in single, double and triple stage operation
Teledyne Princeton Instruments

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