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Blue Wave Minature Spectrometer
Measurements in the 200-1150nm wavelength regions
Black Comet Concave Grating Spectrometer
Measurements in the 190-850nm or 280-900nm ranges
BLACK-Comet-SR (Super Range) for wide range applications 200-1100nm
BLACK-Comet-HR (High Resolution) for high resolution applications <0.4nm
Silver Nova Super Range TE Cooled Spectrometer
Measurements in the 190-1100nm range
SILVER-Nova-TEC-X2 2-stage TEC for -30 deg cooling & 80% noise reduction
EPP2000 High Resolution Spectrometer
UV-VIS-NIR range
Low Cost Green Wave Spectrometer
Measurements in the 350-1150nm wavelength regions
DWARF-Star NIR Spectrometer
NIR Measurements in the 900-1700nm range
Red-Wave-Micro NIR Spectrometer
Measurements from 1750-2150nm
Red-Wave NIRX-SR Extended Range Spectrometer
Measurements from 900-2300nm (0.90-2.30 um)
Dual Detector Super Range Spectrometer system
Dual Detector Super Range (DSR) for measurements from 200-2,300nm
Two instruments work as one updating spectral graph

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