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HP Spectroscopy beamLIGHT
Turn-key, low maintenance BEAM-LINE system.
High Harmonic Generation provides a table top source of coherent XUV to soft X-ray radiation.
- Photo Electron Spectroscopy (tr-ARPES)
- Coherent Diffractive Imaging
- Time Resolved EUV Spectroscopy
- Attoscience, Advanced Tomography
- Metrology for EUV lithography, Spintronics
HP Spectroscopy hiXAS
Complete solution for
- Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure(EXAFS)
- X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure(XANES)
- Near and Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure(NEXAFS)

Reference customers : Technical University Berlin, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion
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proXAS X-Ray Spectrometer
Table-top "X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy systems" for EXAFS & NEXAFS.

업계에서 처음으로 선보이는 랩용 NEXAFS measurement 장비.
이제 연구실에서도 성분 분석을 위한 fingerprinting 가능.
- laser-based XUV source & customized spectrometer(1900 resolving power)
- 넓은 energy range(200-1200eV)로 K-edge( C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti.)에서 측정 가능.
용도 및 응용 : Surface science
Chemical state analysis in geochemistry
Electronic structure and oxidation state analysis
HP Spectroscopy is your one-stop consultant and
manufacturer for the generation and measurement of light
at vacuum wavelengths and beyond.

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