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SCMOS Camera
Outstanding UV response, 95% 이상의 QE를 자랑하는 SCMOS 카메라의 최강자 KURO camera.

Teledyne Princeton Instruments. KURO 1200x1200 & 2048x2048pixel format
Back-Illuminated Scientific CMOS, UV enhanced Camera
>95% QE, 1.5 e- (rms) read noise(1.3 e- rms)
High UV sensitivity. High speed(82 fps (12 bits) or 41 fps (16 bits))
Pixel size :11 x 11 μm, Full well : 80 000 e-
응용 : hyperspectral imaging, astronomy, cold-atom imaging, quantum imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy, and high-speed spectroscopy
Teledyne Princeton Instruments
High-Performance, Large-Array Cameras for Astronomy
0.7 e- read noise. Up to 50 fps full frame.
Up to 8k x 8k sensor sizes. Dark Current at -25°C : 0.05 e-/p/s
QE : >90% Peak
Shutter : Electronic, rolling, and global
Binning : 2×2; 4×4
응용 : Exoplanet Characterization, Orbital Object Tracking,Time Domain Astronomy, Solar Physics, adaptive Optics, Speckle/Lucky Imaging.
Teledyne Princeton Instruments

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