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Teledyne Princeton Instruments 제품.
High-Throughput f/2.0, NIR Raman System.
Blaze camera와 LS-785를 장착하여 NIR영역에서 최고의 S/N ratio를 구현함
Low Cost Raman Spectrometer system
Standard Raman wavelengths include 532, 785, and 1064nm with many custom options such as 405, 633, 637, 648, 830nm
PhotoLuminescence system
Compact & Modular Spectrometer
Spectro-Radiometer, Fluorometer, Haze measurement, SpectroChemistry & Raman system

LED measurement. Display measurement.
Laser power & Wavelength.
Solar Spectral analysis. Handheld Radiometer.
NIST Traceable calibrations & Light sources
Color Measurement System
CIELAB Color Analysis and full spectrum SpectroColorimetry
SpectroChemistry System
UV-VIS & NIR Chemical Absorbance Systems
Spectro-Fluorescence system
Film Thickness Analysis system
Thin Film Thickness from 50um to 200um
Real-time Spectral capture for Reflectance and/or Transmittance
각종 Spectrometer system set-up의 예
Haze Measurement system
StellarHaze System
compact fiber optic spectrometer,
light source with integrated optical amplification and collimation lens,
custom haze measurement sphere with diffuse transmission port and optional sample attachment clips

Applications and sample types : Filters and plastic sheets, Thin Films and bags, Liquids via cuvette, Diffusing plastics for lighting, Automotive glass and windows, Beverages
High Throughput Raman system from UV(248nm) to NIR

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