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single Frequency Laser - CNI
Narrow linewidth <0.00001 nm
Low noise <0.5%

Holography, Raman spectrum
Precision measurement, Interference lithography
Biomedical/ fluorescence, Atomic excitation /absorption

Narrow Linewidth Laser - CNI
Linewidth <0.003 nm
Low noise <0.5%

DNA sequencing, Flow cytometry
Digital imaging, Analytical chemistry
Particle measurements, Confocal microscopy
Raman Spectroscopy
Low Noise Laser - CNI
RMS noise<0.5%
Perfect beam quality
High Stability Laser - CNI
Long-term stability <1%
Ultra compact size
High Power Laser - CNI
Power up to 500 W
CW & Q-switched mode
High Energy Laser - CNI
Single pulse energy up to 10 J
Min. pulse width <4 ns
Mode-locked & Picosecond Laser - CNI
Pulse width <10 ps
Rep. rate up to 10 MHz
Q-switched Laser - CNI
257-4800 nm available
Rep. rate up to 200 kHz.
Single pulse energy: 1 μJ~10 J

Laser Marking, punching, etching
Laser welding, cutting, heat treatment
Laser cleaning, rapid prototyping
Laser trimming, balancing
Scientific research and teaching
WhisperIT ® 532nm Green Lasers
WhisperIT® technology provides low noise
Power Consumption and heat load < 4W

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