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XUV Phase Retarder
공급사 : UltraFast Innovations

Create circularly polarized XUV light without adding dispersion (ideal for attosecond applications)

최대  ≈ 40% max transmission

Broad spectral range covering 40 – 85 eV

Compact design, with minimum change in the delay line

Entrance and exit iris diaphragms for alignment

Easy to implement in existing setups

공급사 : UltraFast Innovations

XUV / IR – Pulse Delay Unit

XUV Pump-Probe 실험용

XUV Light source
공급사 : UltraFast Innovations

Coherent ultra-broadband XUV light source.

High-quality vacuum chamber

Up to 360 µW @ 3 kHz high-harmonic power

Oil-free turbo-molecular pumping system

Typical operating pressure: few mbar down to <10-3 mbar. Base pressure <10-7 mbar

Backing pressure in target: 100s mbar up to few bar

Breadboard setup isolated from environment vibrations for improved temporal and pointing stability

1-50 kHz driver compatible.  Gas jet setup for HH

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