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X-Ray camera
공급사 : Princeton Instruments

Designed for direct detection in VUV, EUV and X-ray imaging.

X-ray CCD/CMOS camera
공급사 : Princeton Instruments

고 감도의 Hard X-Ray, Soft X-Ray & in-Vacuum X-ray CCD/CMOS cameras

Large-Format, direct detection CCD Camera for Soft X-Rays, EUV, VUV applications.

PIXIS-XO - spectroscopy
X-ray camera
공급사 : Princeton Instruments

~30 eV to ~20 keV x-ray sensitivity.

CCDs of varying sizes without antireflective coating. 

Rotatable ConFlat flange design.

Thermoelectric air or liquid cooling. USB 2.0.

PXIS-XO - Imaging
X-ray camera
공급사 : Princeton Instruments

X-ray camera
공급사 : Princeton Instruments

CCD with Be window. 각각, 3KeV ~ 20KeV, 3KeV ~ 20KeV and 3KeV ~ 5KeV

공급사 : Quantum Detectors

photon counting x-ray imaging detector system.

cooling system 불필요. 

작지만(핸드폰 크기) 다양한 application.

Neutron beam monitor
공급사 : Quantum Detectors

공급사 : Quantum Detectors

차세대 solid state detector readout system. Greater than 4 Mcps output rate.

~80 ns deadtime per event. 32+ channels supported. Channel count : Up to 8 per unit.

Xspress3 Mini
공급사 : Quantum Detectors

최신 readout system. Channel count : 1 or 2 per unit (multiple units ca...

100 MHz Voltage to Frequency converter
공급사 : Quantum Detectors

ESRF 에서 디자인한 기존 V2F보다 100나 빠른 Integration time - 쉽고 편리한 조작(프론트 패널)

Low noise.

4 output frequencies (10, 25, 50, 100 MHz).

Non-linearity with +/- 100ppm.

공급사 : Quantum Detectors

Fully spectroscopic imaging detector for hard x-ray.

Quantum Detectors

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