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HP Spectroscopy maxLIGHT
VUV, XUV, Soft X-ray spectrometers
- maxLIGHT pro model from 1nm to 200nm range
-maxLIGHT VUV model from 40nm to 200nm
- flat-field grazing-incidence spectrometer
- highest efficiency(proprietary no-slit design)
- modular, turn-key design
- motorized grating positioning
HP Spectroscopy easyLIGHT
compact VUV / EUV Spectrometer
- easyLIGHT XUV model from 30nm ~ 250nm
- easyLIGHT VUV model from 80nm to 300nm
- up to 43% aberration-corrected grating
HP Spectroscopy highLIGHT
High resolution flat-field, grazing incidence XUV VUV spectrometer.
- soft X-ray range from 1nm to 20nm
- XUV range from 5nm to 100nm
- highest spectral resolution of 0.006nm
- high efficiency mode, No-slit design, 20 times more light
HP Spectroscopy nanoLIGHT
In-situ XUV spectrometer and beam profile
10 to 80 nm
Applications : High-harmonic generation sources
Attosecond science, Intense laser-matter interaction
Free-electron lasers
HP Spectroscopy hardLIGHT Hard X-ray spectrograph
von Hamos, Johann, or Johansson geometry
- single-shot diagnostics at 2 to 4 keV
- backscattering mode for online beam characterization
- XES mode for investigating material samples
- energy resolution of 0.3eV
Applications : photon diagnostics at HHG beamlines, X-ray free-electron lasers, table-top X-ray lasers
in-situ XES measurements
HP Spectroscopy monoLIGHT
Toroidal Grating Monochromator for LAB VUV source.
Optimized for high efficiency at both He I and He II.
- improved beam pointing stability
Applications : VUV source monochromatization
Ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy UPS
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy ARPES
HP Spectroscopy is your one-stop consultant and manufacturer for the generation and measurement of light at vacuum wavelengths and beyond.

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