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PI-MTE3, X-Ray camera
Teledyne Princeton Instruments PI-MTE3
Designed for direct detection in VUV, EUV and X-ray imaging.
With sensitivity in the X-ray energy range from 10 eV to 30 keV, the PI-MTE3 is well suited for a wide variety of soft x-ray spectroscopy
Sophia-XO X-ray camera
Teledyne Princeton Instruments SOPHIA XO
Large-Format, direct detection CCD Camera for Soft X-Rays, EUV, VUV applications.
high-sensitivity (>95% QE)
2028x2048, 4096x4096 pixel.
~5 eV to 30 keV range.
1, 2 and 4 port readout.
-90℃ cooling.
Back-illuminated. USB 3.0.
Compatibility Python®, Linux, MATLAB®, and LabVIEW®
PIXIS-XO for X-ray spectroscopy
Teledyne Princeton Instruments PIXIS-XO
~30 eV to ~20 keV x-ray sensitivity.
CCDs of varying sizes without antireflective coating. Rotatable ConFlat flange design.
Thermoelectric air or liquid cooling. USB 2.0.
PXIS-XO X-ray camera for Imaging
Teledyne Princeton Instruments PIXIS-XO
PIXIS-XB X-ray camera
Teledyne Princeton Instruments PIXIS-XB
CCD with Be window. 각각, 3KeV ~ 20KeV, 3KeV ~ 20KeV and 3KeV ~ 5KeV
Quantum Detectors Merlin photon counting x-ray imaging detector system.
추가 cooling system 불필요. 작지만(핸드폰 크기) 다양한 application.
55μm energy resolving detector with up to eight thresholds in Colour Mode, capable of 1200 Hz in 12-bit mode.
Isis, Neutron beam monitor
Xspress3X, 차세대 solid state detector readout system
Quantum Detectors Xspress3X, x-ray detector readout. Greater than 4 Mcps output rate.
~80 ns deadtime per event. 32+ channels supported. Channel count : Up to 8 per unit.
Xspress3 Mini, 최신 readout system
Quantum Detectors Xspress3 mini, x-ray detector readout.
Channel count : 1 or 2 per unit (multiple units can be connected to higher channel systems).
V2F100, 100 MHz Voltage to Frequency converter
Quantum Detectors V2F100 voltage to frequency Converter.
ESRF 에서 디자인한 기존 V2F보다 100나 빠른 Integration time
- 쉽고 편리한 조작(프론트 패널).
- Low noise.
- 4 output frequencies (10, 25, 50, 100 MHz).
- Non-linearity with +/- 100ppm.
Quantum Detectors 제품.
Fully spectroscopic imaging detector for hard x-ray.
4 ~ 200 KeV. 5KHz. 250 x 250 μm. 80 x 80
용도 및 응용
- X-ray Transmission Imaging
- Hyperspectral X-ray Computed Tomography
- X-ray Tomography
- X-ray fluorescence
- X-ray diffraction/Energy dispersive diffraction per pixel
- Compton Imaging/Scattering(일본 군마대학교)
Teledyne Princeton Instruments
Quantum Detectors
X-ray Camera(Merlin4X) Recording a rotating chopper at a frame rate of 1KHz with no deadtime (512 x 512 pixels, 28.2 x 28.2mm)

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