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PI-MTE3, X-Ray camera
Designed for direct detection in VUV, EUV and X-ray imaging.
With sensitivity in the X-ray energy range from 10 eV to 30 keV, the PI-MTE3 is well suited for a wide variety of soft x-ray spectroscopy
Sophia-XO X-ray camera
2028x2048 pixel, 4096x4096 pixel X-ray camera, ~5 eV to 30 keV range
PIXIS-XB X-ray camera
CCD with Be window. 각각, 3KeV ~ 20KeV, 3KeV ~ 20KeV and 3KeV ~ 5KeV
55μm energy resolving detector with up to eight thresholds in Colour Mode, capable of 1200 Hz in 12-bit mode.
Hexitec, A Fully Spectroscopic Hard X-Ray Imaging Detector.
The HEXITEC detector measures the energy and position of every incident photon in the 4-200keV range.
Isis, Neutron beam monitor
Xspress3, Next generation of solid state detector readout system
Xspress3 Mini, Latest generation readout system
V2F100, 100 MHz Voltage to Frequency converter
The design of this unit by the ESRF is a major leap forward for voltage to frequency converter (V2F) design.

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